Buying conditions

The following terms and conditions are applied to all agreements that you enter into with Näslund och Jonsson Import AB 556613-6742 (hereinafter called SNÖ of Sweden). By ordering you accept these terms and conditions. Ordering of products takes place via our online shop. Orders made by people under 18 years of age are assessed according to the applicable rules for trading and must have the guardian’s approval for ordering. When ordering via out online shop, SNÖ of Sweden is not liable for any error in the text or images as well as errors in the product specification, of all products in the range. All image information should be seen as illustrations and cannot be guaranteed to reproduce the product’s exact appearance. In case of errors in specifying the stock balance SNÖ of Sweden reserves the right to correct this afterwards.

Prices and fees
SNÖ of Sweden uses a payment services provided by DIBS and PayPal, invoicing and part payments take place via Klarna. All prices are in EUR. All items in SNÖ of Sweden’s collection are specified including VAT and we reserve the right to alter prices and are not liable for any error in price information and any final sale. Prices are stated at the customer’s point of ordering and apply throughout the entire purchase process. SNÖ of Sweden does not have a minimum ordering amount. You as a customer have the right to cancel your purchase. From the day that we have received your message, your money will be refunded within 10 days. 

Returns and cooling off period 
We offer you 14 day money back guarantee and cooling off period with free return within this period. A return can be made provided that the goods are unused and that all tags remain. 
If you wish to use the money back guarantee please send back the goods properly packaged together with return note and return delivery note. If you return the item within 14 days we will pay the return costs. Should you return the item after this period we will charge you 25 EUR in return freight costs. We repay monies for the item within 10 days after the return is received.

Our ambition is for orders received by SNOW of Sweden before 11.00 am leaves our warehouse the same day, otherwise next business day and should be with you within 2-6 business days when shipping companies broadcast times vary according to place of residence.

In case of delay in delivery, we will contact you via email or phone with a new ship. In doing so, customers have the right to cancel your purchase.

Freight charges
For all orders within Europe a freight charge of 7 EUR will be added. For all orders outside Europe a freight charge of 8 EUR will be added. Free shipment for all orders over 35 EUR. 

Free shipment for all orders in scandinavia 

Purchase and mode of payment
When ordering goods from SNÖ of Sweden an agreement on purchase is entered into once the order is confirmed. When ordering an order confirmation is generated and sent via e-mail. Orders are not valid if SNÖ of Sweden cannot establish the customer’s home address. There are several modes of payment to choose from. The mode of payment is selected when ordering.

When you pay via Klarna the invoice is processed securely and simply. You never need to specify your account details, and you always pay after you have received your items at home.

• Always receive your items at home before you pay
• Payment period – always 14 days
• You never need to submit account details
• Always right to cancel purchase within 14 days according to the Swedish Distance and Door-to-Door Sales Act
• Download your invoice from
• Option to pay by instalments

An administrative fee of SEK 0 per purchase will be added. If the payment fails a reminder fee of SEK 60.00 will be added as well as interest of 25.00 %. At the time of payment a credit check will be made which in some cases involves extracting credit information. You will then receive a copy of the credit information by post. Personal information is treated in accordance with the applicable legislation. Klarna processes personal information for the purpose of conducting customer analysis, identification, credit control and marketing. Personal identification numbers are used as customer numbers for customer processing purposes.

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Invoicing instalments
The mode of payment for those who choose to pay monthly. A Klarna account is more than just an account. Apart from always receiving your goods at home before you pay, all of your purchases are gathered on one account. This applies even if you have traded in a number of different shops via Klarna account. This means a single invoice, irrespective of the number of purchases.
• Always receive items before you pay
• Pay from SEK 50/month or 1/24th of the total amount
• You never need to submit your account details
• All your purchases are gathered into one account and in one invoice
• Buy now – pay at the end of the next month
• An administrative fee of SEK 29, irrespective of the number of purchases
• You can at any time pay the entire amount all at once

When making purchases of SEK 10,000 with Klarna Account the basic payment terms are the arrangement fee of SEK 0. The applicable annual interest is 19.0 % which is equivalent to an effective rate of interest of 29.22 %. The credit purchase price is SEK 11,458. The number of instalments is 12 and each instalment is SEK 995. The example assumes that payment is made within one year.
At the time of purchase a credit check is conducted which in certain cases involves credit information being extracted. You will then receive a copy of the credit information by post.

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Link to account information Finland:
Link to account terms Finland:
When offering Klarna Campaigns: The costs and interest rate should be stated next to the payment method together with a link to Klarna's account terms.

Homepage to link to:
Lowest amount to pay: 8,95 EUR/month

Should the return not be registered when the new due date is approaching we ask that you contact Klarna’s customer service who will help you further.

Card payment

Payment and credit information
You pay simply and safely via DIBS or PayPal’s payment options which meet the requirements for PCI DSS. No fees are added.

Personal information
SNÖ of Sweden is responsible for the processing of personal data submitted to us by customers. If you do not wish your name and address to remain in our customer register you can send an e-mail to and request that this information be removed. You can also request a copy of the data we have and correct any incorrect information. Your personal information will not be sold or sent to a third party.

Disputes and choice of law
Swedish law shall be applied to these general terms and conditions. In the event of disputes, we follow the recommendations of the National Board for Consumer Disputes.

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a protocol for secure transfer of data via the internet (or other network). The company Netscape Communications has produced and developed SSL – the protocol which has now become the industry standard.
A protocol is a collection of rules and procedures about how information (data) will be processes. The SSl protocol processes the data in several different ways and encodes the information. This is done so that data is not readable during the transfer between the two computers, this encoding is called encryption. When the data is received by the receiver SSL ensures that the data is 2put back” in its original order, A check is made to ensure that the sender is correct (Server Authentication) and a check is also made to ensure that the data has not been altered during the transfer (Message Integrity).
SSL uses digital certificate to check sender, receiver or both sender and receiver of the data transfer. A digital certificate is a”tool” which is used to copy the information on an individual or organisation to a so-called "public key" with two aims:
- All SSL certificates for the internet are processes by the company that s the creator of the certified certificate. This also means that all SSL certificates must strengthen their own or their organisation’s identity in order to copy a SSL certificate.
- For consumers the only requirement to use SSL is that the browser manages SSL, which the two most used browsers Explorer and Firefox have been able to too since many versions ago. It also required that SSL is not switched off in the settings of the browser.
-For consumers, the only requirements to use a SSL to SSL capable browser, which the two most used browsers Internet and Explorer have been for the last few versions. This also requires that SSL in not turned off in your browser settings.

Force Majeure
Snö of Sweden is exempt from penalty for failure to fulfil certain obligations under this agreement, if the failure is due to exempt circumstances listed below and the circumstances prevent, hinder or delay the performance of these. Such exempt circumstances shall be deemed to include government action or failure, new or amended legislation, conflict in the labour market, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage or accident of significant size. Force majeure includes government decisions that have a negative impact on the market and products, for example, restrictions in indication, warnings, sales ban, etc. or abnormal decline in the market.